Many Australian online casinos allow players to wager, deposit, and withdraw using Bitcoins. Most of the online casinos support to use of traditional currencies and Bitcoin. However, some online casinos exclusively deal with Bitcoins. 

Other cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, and Litecoin, are also supported. Bitcoin is a fast, secure, and safe method to make payments. This payment method works 24/7 without breaks. 

Your identity is protected as personal and financial details are not required.

Bitcoin gambling in Australia

Australian online casino players have, over the years, realized the importance of using Bitcoin. Though many Australian punters know the features and working of Bitcoin, very few have made use of it when gambling. 

You have first to purchase the Bitcoins and then store them in a wallet. You can do that by using online sources where Bitcoin sellers can connect with Bitcoin buyers. Using these online sources, you can quickly sell and buy your Bitcoins.

Bitcoin buying sources

There are few reliable cryptocurrency exchanges such as CoinBase, CoinMama, CoinJar, and Independent Reserve. You need to sign up to make use of their services. In Australia, there is an app called FindBitcoinATM.

As an Australian resident, you can find the nearest Bitcoin ATM. This manner, you can exchange AUDs for Bitcoins. However, you have to pay a service charge ranging between 5%-10%. You can also purchase your Bitcoins from Bitcoin ATM’s. 

There are also Local bitcoin, which is another online source to make purchases. However, when buying Bitcoins from strangers, you have to take precautions mentioned on their website. Now, you have obtained your Bitcoins; you can start gambling on your favorite Bitcoin online casino.

The benefits of using Bitcoin at Australian online casinos

The benefits of using Bitcoin in Australian online casinos are several, which we have discussed below:

  • The withdrawals and deposits are immediately credited to your accounts. 
  • You can play from any part of the world and make use of Bitcoins. 
  • It serves a dual role. You can make withdrawals and deposits using this payment method. 
  • Australian online casino players do not have to provide personal or financial details when playing on Bitcoin, only online casinos.
  • Australian online casino players do not have to submit copies of their photo IDs, credit cards, and utility bills when making withdrawals. 
  • It is instant, safe, convenient, anonymous, and secure.
  • Bitcoin does not come under the control of any bank or government.
  • The online casinos that make use of Bitcoin provide generous Bitcoin bonuses, jackpots in Bitcoins, fair games, and special Bitcoin promotions.
  • You can play on Bitcoin online casinos using your smartphones or tablets that can be android, blackberry, and iOS smartphones.

How to ensure that you are playing on a trustworthy Bitcoin online casino? 

Australian punters were afraid of getting scammed or cheated playing on online casinos. Online casinos are an easy target for various kinds of manipulation. However, Bitcoin’s online casino comes with the advantage that makes cheating impossible. 

Bitcoin online casino games come with several security features that make it a safe and secure play to place your bets. The game results are not manipulated. Not to mention, high reputed Bitcoin online casinos ensure that they take all measures for providing a full-proof system.

Bitcoin casino FAQs

Some of the most frequently asked questions have been discussed below:

What is Bitcoin casino dice?

Bitcoin casino dice games enable players to verify if the Australian online casino has manipulated the results of the game. These games require you to bet against numbers that are generated randomly. 

What is Bitcoin casino faucet?

You have two kinds of Bitcoin casino faucets. The first is a Bitcoin faucet site and Bitcoin casino dice site. Both of these come with the feature of the faucet. The Bitcoin faucet gives Bitcoins to visitors who can complete the tasks assigned. The Bitcoin casino dice site provides Bitcoins, but as a player, you cannot withdraw them unless you meet the wagering requirements.

How do Bitcoin casino bonuses work?

The Bitcoin casino bonuses are usually given in the form of Bitcoins. The bonuses are the same and similar to ones that are issued in dollars, euros, pounds, and AUDs. They work just like other currencies, so it should not be a problem for Australian online casino players.

Is Bitcoin casino gambling anonymous?

You would be glad to know Bitcoin is popularly recommended as an anonymous payment method. The need to reveal your banking details is not required. However, you need to provide your personal information. Bitcoin casino works similar to that of PayPal or Neteller.

Can I trust Bitcoin? Is it legal to use Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a reliable and trustworthy payment method. It’s working principles include peer-to-peer technology, decentralization, and open-source code. Their numbers, encryption, and algorithms never go wrong. Bitcoin was made legal in Australia in December 2013. It was legalized by the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA).