Paysafe provides a payment method for avid Australian gamblers and punters. If you own several casino accounts, then this deposit method may come in handy. It is not surprising that this payment method has become one of the most sought after casino deposit options in Australia. 

With so many options to make deposits, making the right decision can be somewhat stressful at times. Hence, we have provided you with all the data you require to make the right decisions for your online casino deposit requirements. 

What is the use of Paysafe Australia?

Paysafe was founded in the year 1996, enabling funds transfer world over. Today, they are pioneers in the field of online payments. Australians frequently make use of their services, including Skrill, Neteller, and PaySafeCard.

You can find reputed online casinos using their services. They are also known as Paysafe casinos.

What you can do with a Paysafecard?

It is also known as a Paysafe voucher, similar to that of a prepaid e-wallet, which lets you transfer your money online. Australians can not only make deposits in online casinos but make purchases of products through credit/debit accounts. 

Benefits of using Paysafe Australia

  • Australian punters are globally known to play online casino games more than their counterparts. It means, once your deposits are made, you should be able to play instantly. That is possible by using the Paysafecard voucher. 
  • The payment method does not need your bank details. Most of the payment methods process the transfers after you have provided them your personal information. If you are uncomfortable sharing your details with others, then the need does not arise here.  
  • The prepaid cards can be bought throughout Australia. You can purchase your PINs from reliable retail outlets. 
  • The best part about using this payment method is that it ensures punters do not overspend. That is because you are provided with limited amounts on the voucher. 

Cons of a Paysafe Australia

  • You cannot make withdrawals using this payment method. If you are somebody who prefers using the same payment method to withdraw and deposit funds, then you must have this point in mind. 

Steps to make deposits using Paysafecard

You can quickly deposit funds using your Paysafecard. To do that, you should purchase the Paysafecard from local retailer or online. 

  1. To make deposits in your online casino, you must provide the PIN. Once you have done that, you should choose the online casino game and begin the fun. In case, if you want to play on your smartphone, then you are in luck. 
  2. For banking on smartphones, you must know that they offer you with similar options to make deposits. When playing with Paysafe online casinos on another device, you can extend the gaming session using your smartphone. 
  3. Before purchasing the voucher, you must see to that the online casino you are playing has this payment method. Most of the reputed online casinos offer you with Paysafe payment methods. 

You can consider downloading the app on your Android or Apple device. That way, it becomes easier to make payments and transactions. The need to log on to the online casino always, does not arise. 

Not to mention, you can keep an eye on your remaining amount. You can also make use of your app in a retailer that sells these vouchers. 

Paysafe Online Casino FAQs

Can you make use of Paysafecard for online casino deposits?

Yes, you can use it. However, you will want to note that it is not entirely full-proof. Just like all systems, this one comes with its flaws. Using the Paysafecard on a compromised device can let your credentials out in the open. Apart from that, you must avoid suspicious phone calls and request for your PIN. 

What are the fees for using Paysafecard?

Australian gamblers and punters using the same PIN for more than one year, have 4 AUD as maintenance charge. The same implies to other currencies. Apart from that, Paysafecard is free to use.

Are there any limits to buying Paysafecard eVouchers?

Yes, there are some limitations when you buy Paysafecard e-vouchers. For a single PIN, you can make a maximum transaction of 200 AUD. When you are using My Paysafecard service, then you can make transactions for 1,000 AUD. The yearly limitation is 6,000 AUD.

Can I withdraw from Paysafecard?

Australian online casino does not allow you to make deposits using Paysafecard. However, you can make withdrawals using this payment method. But, you may want to check with your online casino for more details.