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Boku Casinos

What are Boku Casinos?

Did you just walk into a mobile casino and find that a new mode of payment is being used there? Well, it must be Boku, the new payment option used in a few online casinos. Boku casinos enable a person to deposit in their account using the number of their mobile phone. It presents a very simple and easy to understand payment option. If you want to make a casino deposit, the method that involves the lowest risk is mobile carrier billing.

Origin of Boku

Thomas Kyrk and Glyn Smith gave birth to the novel idea, back in 2003. Both of them hailed from the United Kingdom. Khosla venture funded them in 2008. The company acquired Paymo and stepped into the US market. This acquisition benefitted the company as Paymo was already in the field of mobile payments. The company has its headquarters in San Francisco. Later, with the help of massive funding from various sources, Boku recorded exponential growth. Today, Boku has grown into a dependable payment option through partnerships with online retail giants like Facebook, Google Play store, Windows store, PlayStation store etc. More and more industries are accepting the mode of payment with each passing day.

How does Boku work?

Boku is the simplest method of payment. The amount will be directly deducted from your mobile phone. The process can be completed in four easy to follow steps. First of all, make up your mind about the amount you wish to deposit. Secondly, there will be many options available at your mobile casino. Look carefully and choose ‘pay by mobile’ option. Then, type your mobile phone number. The process will be completed once you reply to the confirmation message that will be sent to your mobile phone.

Advantages of Boku

There are many factors behind the growing popularity of Boku casinos. Customers prefer it for a multitude of reasons.

Easy to handle – Customers can operate the method with ease. Easy deposits through mobile phone bills ensure greater convenience. So, you can play at the time and location of your choice.

Quick and safe -Along with the ease of operation, it is the safest route to take, with minimal risks on the way. Boku doesn’t require you to enter credit or debit card details anywhere. So, it assures security and bank details will be kept safe.

Adaptable – Boku is highly adaptable and functions on all web browsers and every mobile device can use the service without constraints.

Ensures accountability – Boku makes you accountable for actions in the casino. While gambling, you may be overwhelmed by a tendency to splurge. But, Boku keeps you within safe limits as there are limits for the amount you can spend on weekly/monthly basis.

Disadvantages of Boku

Less reach Boku is yet to make a widespread impact in the market. Its foray into casinos as a popular payment option isn’t complete. All casinos don’t offer the option due to the huge cost involved and lack of customer awareness.

Compulsive gamblingMany experts believe that Boku casinos promote compulsive gambling where you lose track of the amount being spent. They consider the idea unwelcome.