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Do Online Casinos Need a UK Licence? 

The UK Gambling Commission provides a licence to all the online casinos.  UK Casinos are protected from “rogue” practices by this regulatory environment. The UK casino license ensures that gambling is free from crime, is fair and open and keeps the players totally safe. 

Why is a license necessary when you open a casino?         

The UK gambling Commission takes its duties very seriously. They provide a licence only when there is a clear ownership structure, strong financial backup, are displaying integrity, competent and are not carrying any criminal records.    

It is necessary for any best casino site in the UK to get the approval of the commission. No entity can provide the service legally in the UK without a license. If any compliance is not adhered to, the commission is empowered to revoke the license.

Why should you play at a licensed online casino?

You are safe playing at a licensed casino. If UKGC is the regulatory body, you are ensured of best practices and good service.

  • The personal safety of the player is amply protected by the commission. Your personal and financial data is absolutely secure with the strict protocol that is maintained here. There is no chance of the data being misused.
  • The security encompasses the prevention of cyber-attacks that can leak data. Gambling licenses are only granted to companies that follow the highest standards.
  • The UKGC makes it sure that every online casino allows a fair play policy. Every player has a fair chance to win. The transparent play makes it possible for every single player to have a chance to win big. The company that offers the casino service should have a RNG or a Random Number Generator. This makes every game fair. The game cannot be controlled in any way by the casino. 
  • The Return To Player or the RTP must be specified by all the service providers. This is significant as it is a percentage of the funds that you can win as earnings from winning a game.
  • The casino has to have a clear structure and also be adequately funded. The operating cash should be completely aloof from the players’ funds. This ensures that the player does not lose any money even if the casino goes bankrupt.

Operator Accountability is Paramount

The UKGC ensures that casinos are fair and responsible in their practices. The licensing makes the casino beholden to the commission and fully answerable to them. You can actually file a complaint against the operator if there are any irregularities in the manner of services. This facility is not available to players who play with an unregulated casino. The gambling industry can enjoy a fair reputation due to such strict security protocol.

Every casino that is licensed and regulated by the UKGC can be checked on the online casino reviews that are available at You can also check the information directly on the Commission’s website. Enjoy the game safely by playing with responsible and approved casinos only.

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