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Facts About Online Casinos

Online casinos have brought about a revolution in the field of gambling. In fact, the online casino system, has to a great extent, surpassed the usual land games in the past few years. Even the professional gamblers are getting inclined towards these online casino games possessing a good reputation. The best aspect of these online casinos is that they offer you the best gambling deals at the comfort of your house. The need is only to find the best online slots in the UK to provide you with maximum benefits and excellent deals.Here are 20 exciting yet reliable facts about online casinos.

Fact 1: Slot Machines Form Majority Of Online Casino Games

Slot machines can be found among every list mentioning the top 20 online casinos UK games. The reason being that slot machines are the most accessible games to play, and within seconds, you can know the result. Different online casinos offer free spins as well as bonuses to their players. Thus, you will find many beginners going for these slot machine games to get a hangover. These slot machines offer 85% of the revenues of the online casinos.

Fact 2: Many Online Casinos Can Be Played For Free In Demo Mode

There are many online casino games which you can play absolutely free of cost in their demo mode. This implies that you can first judge whether you like the game or not before spending money on it.

Fact 3: The Very First Slot Machine Got Set Up In A Service Station

Do you know that the very first slot machine was invented in the year 1895 by a mechanic named Charles Fey. However, the machine was not set up in any casino but in a service station!

Fact 4: Men Are More Interested In Online Casino Games Than Women

This is an interesting fact, but as per studies, the percentage of men visiting these online casinos is much more than women. The percentage is 84% males, and the remaining is of females.

Fact 5: The First Legal Casino License Was Issued To A Female

Though more males may be visiting online casino websites, but the first-ever legal license of a casino was given to a woman. The permit was issued to Mayme Stoker in the year 1920 in the wonderful city of Las Vegas.

Fact 6: There Are 70,000 Roulette Tables Worldwide

Are you aware of the fact that there are 70,000 roulette casino tables in different corners of the world? Thus, when you are seeking the best online roulette UK tables, you can find them anywhere in the world, even if you are traveling.

Fact 7: Every Roulette Player Has A Favorite Number To Bet Upon

Do you know that every player who is playing roulette has one favorite number upon which he would bet at least once during the game?

Fact 8: Microgaming Launched First Online Casino

Though there may be more than the top 20 online casinos UK available at present, but the very first online casino was launched in the year 1994 by a firm named Microgaming.

Fact 9: Interestingly, You Can Ban Yourself From Online Casino Gaming

Is the addiction to online gaming getting too much, and you want to get rid of the habit effectively? Well, there are many states present which grant you the option to ban yourself from playing these online casino games. Thus, you can put a ban on yourself for a year or even 5 years, depending upon your addiction extent.

Fact 10: Online Casino Games Allow You To Play Games Against Real Players

If you are of the view that online gaming is not for real, you are mistaken. There are many online casino games that allow you to play against real players. Some of these popular games are Blackjack, Casino Hold’em, Roulette, etc.

Fact 11: You Can Make Use Of Strategies To Win Online Casino Games

Online casino games are lenient when it comes to allowing you to use a particular strategy for winning these games. However, you may be blocked after some time if these sites believe that you have been cheating in some way or the other.

Fact 12: Casino Playing Is Absolutely Illegal In Japan

If you are traveling to Japan recently and wish to indulge in gambling there, don’t try to look for casino games. The reason being that casino games of any kind are considered illegal in Japan. However, the players there have found a loophole for this rule in the form of Pachinko salons. It is a game like slots and offers silver-colored balls to the players. This is the reason why online casino games are the most popular in Japan.

Fact 13: Online Casinos Do Not Provide Good Customer Support To Players

Though online casino games are getting popular with each passing day, still players do not get proper customer support. Thus, it is always advisable to have a look at the game’s customer support before playing it.

Fact 14: Online Casinos Allow You To Win Upto €20+ Million

It was in the year 2013 that a Finnish inhabitant was able to win €17,861,800. He won the biggest jackpot to date at an online casino.

Fact 15: People Are More Addicted To Slot Machines Than Any Other Online Casino Games

Though there are many different types of online casino games  available yet people prefer slot games. People playing mortar as well as brick games are only 10 percent of the total gamblers.

Fact 16: Roulette Was Once Called ‘The Devil’s Game’

There was a time when the roulette game was known as ‘The Devil’s Game.’ Reason being that when you total the numbers on the roulette wheel, it comes to 666, which is the number connected with the devil.

Fact 17: Percentage Of Players Playing Online Casino Games Is Higher Than Real Players

The onset of online casino gaming has definitely taken over the gambling world. Almost 90 percent of players wish to go for online casino games, while only 10 percent want to play real games.

Fact 18: Casino Gambling Is A Huge Market In UK

Casino gambling has developed a niche for itself in the United Kingdom. In fact, there are huge revenues being earned from these top 20 Online Casinos in the UK every year.

Fact 19: PlanetPoker Was The First Online Poker Game

PlanetPoker was the first online poker website that was launched in the year 1998. You can play all kinds of online poker games on the said website.

Fact 20: Playtech Launched The First Live Casino Game

A firm named Playtech, which holds the reputation of being the largest suppliers of online game software, launched the first-ever live casino game.

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