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Slots Pay Table

Slots Paytable

Pay tables are an integral part of winning at slots in an online casino. They vary from game to game as every slot has different features. Generally, the basic information delivered to the player is the same. The pay table is located at the bottom of the screen, and the icon is easily accessible. You should have a close look at the numbers before you start playing.

Pay Table Details

Slots Paytable

The icon denoting the pay table launches a pop-window that gives you all the information and details of the game. It is a wise move to check the pay table before you deposit money to understand your chances of winning. You can understand which online slots game can win you how much money. The symbols which have the potential to make you money should be known to you.

The pay table lists all winning combinations and the amount that you will win when the reels click into place. The pay chart tells the player which the wild symbols and the scatter symbols are. The functions of the symbols are also detailed on this icon as it goes through the entire game, as well as the bonus games.

The maximum and minimum prizes are also mentioned on this list. The progressive jackpots are also mentioned here. You need to know how many pay lines you need to play to be eligible for the progressive jackpot. It may be deflating to be ruled out of the jackpot only because you did not know the rules!

Understanding the Pay Table Numbers

All games have a specific pay table. The design and features incorporated into the game may make small changes to the table, but the basic features remain the same. The first page has a display that lists the winning combinations in totality. 

You know from this table the exact number of coins you stand to win when you land on the reels. The first page may also contain information about the wild symbols you will encounter during the game. 

The second page has the details of the working of the symbols. It also has comprehensive details of how the bonus round can be activated. If necessary and the information needs further detailing, a third page is also added. The second and third page explains how the bonus round works, and the functions of the symbols that appear in the bonus round. 

The intricate details of progressive jackpots and how they play out is also mentioned here. You can make a strategy if you know the pay table well. The complicated slots games where there are dozens of winning combinations and a hundred or so pay lines and a comprehensive pay schedule can help you make winning decisions. 

You can avail of bonus options and features as you know of them from the pay table. You can also learn how to play the maximum bet and win top bonus prizes on your favorite online slots on our website.


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