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 Top 5 land Casinos in the UK 

The casino industry in the UK has been prolific in its growth story in the last decade or so. The idea of opening Vegas style large casinos became popular in the UK in the year 2011. The country boasts of opulent land casinos and also some of the best online casinos. The casinos in the UK are very strictly regulated and cater to gambling buffs across the country.

Brick and mortar casinos in the UK

Land-based casinos have sprouted in growing numbers since the last decade or so when both online and offline gambling laws were gradually relaxed. There is a variety of offline land based casinos available in the UK where you would love to indulge your love for gambling.

Aspers Casino

The Aspers Casino is the largest casino in London. The opulent casino houses over 70 gaming tables, about a dozen poker tables and over a hundred and fifty electronic machines that allow you to gamble. Regular games like Roulette, Craps, Blackjack, Mahjong, Kalooki, Wheel of Fortune, and Casino War are some of the many games that you can play at this casino.

Park Lane Casino

Park Lane Casino is situated in the heart of London at Mayfair near Hyde Park. Most players at this casino are the creamy layer of the UK. The high membership rate of £1000 makes the place very exclusive. The open terrace makes the casino very appealing as large sporting events are often screened here. All the popular casino games like Poker, Blackjack and Baccarat are available along with more exotic games that you can play. The Jewel of Mayfair restaurant is also a great attraction as it serves the best cuisine in the city.

Hippodrome Casino

The Hippodrome Casino is situated in Cranbourn Street. This award winning casino has five Three Card Poker tables, 16 Blackjack tables, 4 Mini Baccarat tables, 17 Roulette tables, 2 Dice tables and over 100 machines where you can play electronic games. The casino has a cabaret and music room along with a restaurant that is world famous. More than seven million players have played to their heart’s content at this fantastic casino.

Les Croupiers Casino

Les Croupiers Casino is another fabulous casino at Cardiff. The casino has been in operation since 1968. The major attraction of this casino is the massive poker room that rules center stage. More than 200 people can play Poker at the same time in the room. Live casino games are also popular. The casino also has an online gaming option. The brilliant sports bar and the Dragon Court restaurant also are popular spots for gambling enthusiasts.

Rainbow Casino

The Rainbow Casino is based out of Birmingham. The popular casino is the best casino for beginners. The cosy casino is player friendly. The smallish casino has jackpots up to £10,000 and live casino games make the mix interesting. The Clarendon restaurant on the top floor has a great menu that will satisfy the taste buds of every discerning diner.

Land based has had a presence in the UK for a long time. The online version is also attractive, but the consummate gambler still enjoys the ambiance and the clink of coins. You need to be over 18 to play casino games in the UK.

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