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What to Wear to a Casino

What to Wear to a Casino 1

Following casino dress code means showing respect to their guidelines and other gamblers present there. From business formals to smart casuals, one can wear anything. However, the dressing regulations vary from one casino club to another. You can’t enter the venue unless you follow them. Thus, before visiting any casino, research about the style guide along with the theme and ambiance of the location.

We’ll help you stylize for casinos to make the heads turn in the club.

Casino Dress Code – Dos and Don’ts

Here are some dos and don’ts of dressing in casinos that you must keep in mind before you visit any casino.

  • Do check out the dress code that a casino follows. If unable to understand any code, ask its meaning to wear the right attire.
  • Set a shopping budget if you don’t have specific casino clothes in your wardrobe.
  • Always dress elegantly in formal casinos.
  • Men must always go with formal suits with a tie or a tuxedo with white shirt for formal casinos.
  • However, remember to put on tuxedos only when you are attending a casino after 6 pm because it is top level men’s formal wear. 
  • Only wear a bow tie tuxedo.
  • Women can choose a fall length gown, palazzo cut pant suit, or little black dress in any colour as formal and semi-formal casino dress code.
  • Both men and women should always wear properly fitted outfits.
  • Sleeves and trousers length should be of the right length.
  • For women, if hem and sleeves of the dress are not appropriate to their height, get them altered.
  • Make sure your dress for the night is perfectly ironed. Also, hang it until you are ready to hit the casino so that there is no sign of any wrinkles on it.
  • Your shoes/sandals and glamorous accessories must befit with the rest of the attire. 
  • Flip flops are a strict no-no in formal and semi-formal casinos.
  • You can also take suggestions from friends or colleagues who are already a member of a particular casino club.
  • If you’re going with a group of buddies, make sure to coordinate your attire with each other. Discuss with each other to dress up in a similar dress code.
  • You can easily rent formal casino wear for men and women from e-stores if you can’t afford to buy them.
  • Ski the tie when you the dress code of a casino is semi-formal.
  • Never wear khakis, casual shirts, dresses and jeans in formal casinos. These clothes are dress codes only for casual casinos.
  • Always match your shoes with the colour of your formal dress.
  • Women can pick from stilettos, pumps, or flat sandals for formal and semi-formal casinos.
  • Do not wear dirty, uncleaned and worn out footwear to a casino.
  • If certain casinos allow, men can also accessorize other than tie, i.e. cuff-links, hats, etc. On the other hand, women can try hair clips, bracelets, statement necklaces or rings as accessories as per their dress.
  • Keep some safety pins handy with you for the time of emergency.
  • Always dry clean and store your casino clothes to make them look better and last longer. 

    Accessories You Can Wear with Casino Attire

Your look won’t complete until you compliment your attire with the right piece of accessory. So, here’s what follows:

  • A black-tie or bow-ties gives a relaxed look to the apparel whereas white tie is for the highest level of formality.
  • You can add cuff-links. You may also tie cummerbund in a dark shade.
  • If women want to accentuate their looks, they can wear statement necklaces, gloves, or fur wraps that offer perfect glitz and glamour.
  • Hold a small elegant clutch in hand.

Casino Outfits Style Guide for Men & Women

  • For Men

Formal Outfits: As the name suggests, you have to dress up for these casinos in the same way as you do in business meetings. In this, you can opt for a black tuxedo outfit with a white shirt and black tie. Wear patent leather black shoes.

Semi-Formal Outfits: This outfit can consist of a white shirt or plain t-shirt with jeans as they give a less formal tone. There is no need of wearing a tie with the dress. 

Business Formal Outfits: This category of casino clothes is mostly acceptable at any casino in the world. There is a thin line between semi-formal and business formals. Thus, men can choose their semi-formal dress as business formal. Men can drop the idea of wearing a tie in this dress code.

  • For Women

Formal Outfits: Women can go with a full-length gown made in pure silk, velvet, or satin with comfortable shoes.

Semi-Formal Outfits: For this, you can adorn a cocktail dress, a tuxedo-style pantsuit or a tea-length dress. However, there is no restriction on the choice of colours. To add more glitz and charm pair metallic red top with a black dress pant or simply put on a metallic dress. 

Business Formal Outfits: Women can wear a suit or business-style dress with a blazer, stocking and heels to get a perfect evening casino look. You may ignore wearing the jacket and stocking at a lower-end casino destination.

Casino Clothes According to Casino Theme

  • Cocktail Dresses

Are you planning to play at a semi-formal casino? Then put on a cocktail dress that you usually wear to attend casual parties.

  • Casual Dresses

If you want to visit the daytime informal casino club, we recommend ladies to choose sheath dresses, LBD, or pencil skirts over basic denim to match its environment. On the contrary, men can opt for a button-down shirt or t-shirt with shorts.

  • Full-evening Dresses

The ideal choice for high-dollar casinos for a classy appearance. Men should wear a white tux with a wing collar starched shirt and Oxford shoes. At the same time, women can opt for ball gowns in neutral shades with classic jewelry.

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