Wild Symbols in Online Slots

What is a Wild Symbol?

A wild symbol is the spice of playing online slots. It is a symbol that can fill in for any other symbol in the array of symbols by forming sequences that bring a hefty earning. There are no restrictions on the symbol design, and it can be any symbol that fits into the theme of the game. For example, it could be represented by Thor, the Thunder God in the Thunderstruck game.

What are the Different Kinds of Wild Symbols?

There are different types of wild symbols in the slot machines. They are essentially a replacement number to create a winning combination in a slot machine. Most casinos have wild symbols that appear randomly.

 Stacked Wild

 Stacked wild symbols are generally displayed as single ones that are stacked on top of each other. They usually are placed in the whole reel. This enhances your chances of winning big at the slot machines. Most of the larger casinos will offer these stacked symbols as they are fun and help the player win. This in turn invites you to play more.  Games like Black Knight, Game of Thrones, Black Window and Beauty and the Beast have the stacked wild symbol in profusion.

Expanding Wild

The Expanding wild symbol is characteristically a single wild icon that spreads to the entire line of slots. The most popular games that carry this style of wild symbols are sparks, Thief and Secret Code.

The wild symbols may be grouped together in myriad ways. The exciting option is found in the Spinata Grande and the Guns and Roses game.

Diagonal Wild

The diagonal wild symbols are positioned in reel 2 and 4. The straight ones are reserved for running vertically down reel 3. When they both run in conjunction, the straight wild symbols will strike the ones that appear diagonally across the slots and renew the ones that are in touch with the moving signals.

Sticky Wild

 The sticky wild symbols are the ones that stick to the reel after the spin is over. These symbols are the favourite of every slot player as they keep on showing up in multiple spins. It is therefore easier to get winning combinations more often. When you get a sticky wild symbol, it activates a free spin too. Games like Stickers, lucky Angler and Attractions are more likely to have this feature.

Moving Wild

Moving wild signals are also a type of sticky wild symbols. They tend to bounce on the reels and are unpredictable. Pinocchio and Jack and the beanstalk are the games where this feature comes into play.

Look for games that have wild symbols when you set out to play the slots. They make the game more exciting and enjoyable. New slots payers may find these wild symbols a little confusing, but they are actual game changers and help you win a lot of money. Wild symbols can bring out the real sense of gambling, as these slots are all games of chance. Take a chance and play the slots. You are bound to win and earn a large amount of money.

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