News NetEnt Games moves away from Flash to HTML5 Technology

NetEnt Games moves away from Flash to HTML5 Technology

Leading gaming provider for online casinos, Netent gaming has decided to move away from Flash technology.The introduction of the HTML technology has rendered the flash technology outdated. Many browsers have already made a transition from the flash to HTML and in the next few years, they will completely stop supporting the Flash technology on their browsers. Flash Technology is not only outdated but also has some serious security concerns.

Leading Online gaming provider, NetEnt has followed the same suit and has not started to make a transition from the flash technology to the HTML 5 technology to its games. To begin with, they have now transitioned 70 of their most popular game titles to the HTML5 technology and would continue to transition the other games during the course of time.

With this move, NetEnt has as now lead the way to other gaming providers to change the way the players are entertained. As per the company statement, the move was made to keep pace with the change in technology and to offer a better experience to the players.

All the changes have been reflected in both the mobile and the desktop versions of the games. And they would shortly change the other games offered by them. It is not clear though as to whether with new game launches will be done with the HTML technology or the flash technology. We need to wait and watch for more information on this.

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