News Richard Branson buys Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas

Richard Branson buys Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas

British Billionaire Sir Richard Branson has now entered the lucrative casino industry by buying a hot property named Hard Rock Casino and Hotel at the outskirts of the Las Vegas strip. The deal was made with the help of Brookfield Asset Management, a Toronto based property developers.

Although the cost of the deal is unknown, the billionaire plans to invest a considerable amount of money in the next two years renovating the property.

This is the second venture in the hotel industry for Virgin Hotels, the subsidiary of Virgin Group. They earlier had invested in a similar property in Chicago.

The 1,500 rooms and suites, Hard Rock Hotel and Casino is also having a dedicated floor for the casino and is likely to be managed by a partner of Virgin hotels

The Hotel continues to remain operational during the renovation period and there will be considerable changes being made to the looks of the hotel. Most importantly, the iconic Hard Rock Guitar outside the hotel might get replaced with Large “V “Symbol – Sources said.

What next?  We all now eagerly waiting for the official launch of the business and considering his previous antics, we need to wait and watch the newest stunt he might come up with for the launch!

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