What is a Bitcoin casino?

The Bitcoin casino is similar to a traditional casino, where you can make payments through bitcoins. Many bitcoin casinos have come up in New Zealand that offers players with bonuses and rewards, for signing up. 

Due to developments in technology, we are witnessing the rise of Bitcoin casinos. In many New Zealand online casino games, you can find several gamers making use of the BTC or the Bitcoin casino. 

You also take help in the form of a live dealer Bitcoin casino provider.

How to deposit to a Bitcoin casino?

Before you move ahead, you need to know how to make deposits using a BTC. It is a simple and easy process. 

Once you load your wallet with funds, you can make deposits and receive rewards as you do from traditional casino games. You need to activate it using your cashier page and then choose Bitcoin as your default method to make a deposit. 

As a player, you may find yourself in the lurch when you do not have Bitcoins to play your favorite casino games. When that is the case, then you will want to get some coins from the coin exchange. 

Some of them include Coinbase.com and Kraken.com, that work just fine in New Zealand. Some sites these days are even providing you with their coin exchanges so that you can get started without wasting time. 

Points to know when choosing a Bitcoin gambling site

They are a few things that a player needs to know when choosing a Bitcoin gambling site. The first being is the site secure. Just like in traditional gambling in New Zealand, BTC also comes with its security measures taken on the website. 

The gambling site must comply with the regulations of that country. The sites that make use of bitcoins publish data about the test done on the casino games. Independent contractors perform tests on the casino sites and publish them. 

Why should casino players from New Zealand bet with Bitcoins?

As an online casino player from New Zealand, you have several good reasons to make your bets using BItcoins. The main reason being, you can make your payments quicker and safer. That is unlike the traditional mode of payment, where you have to provide all your bank details and personal information. 

  • The deposits and money transfers are almost instant. Not to mention, they are incredibly anonymous. 
  • The chances of hackers gaining entry into your bank details are almost not possible. 
  • It is also beneficial for the casinos because they do not make use of overheads. 
  • The earnings are saved thanks to these reasons. 

You can store your Bitcoins using a cloud or e-wallet. Both methods are simple and easy to use. New Zealand online casino players can quickly register on them without hassles. 

You would also want to keep an eye on your payment policy. Why? Because you should take the benefit from them during instant fund transfer of various currencies. 

Of course, you need to know that the transactions you make are free. 

How is the legality of bitcoin gambling regulated in New Zealand?

As a gambler in New Zealand, you need to know the legality status of bitcoins. Though bitcoins are not the official currency in New Zealand, gambling with them is legal. 

Bitcoin gambling is regulated in New Zealand quite strictly. Like we have said several times in this post, the main benefit of using bitcoin is that it provides you with anonymity. That ensures online casino games are conducted and played in a very fair and consistent manner. 

For example, the crypto market that is used in developing countries has faced a few irregularities, due to a few loopholes. Steps are being taken to tackle them and will be done very soon. 

For example, the Gambling Act was established in the year 2003 prevents scammers from competing. However, the situation is way better in developed countries. 

Though, there is no central government law that has legalized cryptocurrency. As of now, it is in progress, and very soon to be made a law.  

As a gambler or casino player in New Zealand, you can play on a BTC casino, without any fear or worries. You can make your deposits and withdrawals just like you would on a traditional casino, using your national currency. 

Do online casinos need a license to accept BTC payments from players?

As a New Zealand casino player who uses bitcoins, you should know if the online casino is licensed. You can deal with different kinds of currencies. 

Because when the online venue is not licensed, you may face legal hurdles or your payments may not reach you at all. Not to mention, you are playing on an online casino that is not tested for security flaws in using bitcoins. 

That can be dangerous if proper authorities do not regulate them. If you are signing up for an unlicensed provider, you are placing your bets with your own risk. To avoid these issues, you must sign up on an online casino that is licensed for receiving bitcoins as payments. 

The answer to the question is, yes, online casinos require a license for operating and accepting BTC payments. 

If the online casino is not licensed, then please do not use it. 

Advantages of NZ bitcoin casinos

New Zealand gamblers who bet using bitcoins know that it is their best option. Some of the benefits of using this form of currency are as below. 

  • Your transactions are secure and invisible. Gamblers can play invisible when making use of cryptocurrency. The payments can be seen only on the score that will not affect your identity. 
  • The transactions do not come with any fees. This is one of the significant advantages of using this kind of payment method. 
  • You take all the winnings. Like we have mentioned several times in this post, you are invisible, and nobody can proxy you. 
  • The processing time is just a few minutes, unlike in a traditional bank, where your things take a few days, at least. 

Types of games you can play using bitcoin casino

Bitcoin casino offers you plenty of online games to play in New Zealand. Since many online casinos prefer using bitcoins, your scope here is immense. Few of them include slots, poker, blackjack, roulette, and so on. 


From the above, it is quite clear; the Bitcoin is advantageous for making online casino payments in New Zealand. 

Since it is widely accepted in Australia, players in the neighboring country, should not face much trouble using it.

Just make sure that you find all you need to do about Bitcoin before making payments on your online casinos.