Introduction to Neteller

Neteller Casinos – Neteller was operational since 1999 and has been in use by players from New Zealand. They prefer it because it is safe, secure, and easy to use. As a New Zealand casino player, all your transactions are processed in NZD. 

That makes it a lot simpler for you to make deposits and transfers. 

What is Neteller?

Neteller is owned and operated by Paysafe Holdings UK Limited. Since PaySafe is used for making payments in gambling, many kiwi players prefer using it. Kiwi players can make instant payments using the Neteller account. 

Sign up with Neteller

You can create your own Neteller account by adding some personal information like your name, DOB, email address, password, and billing address. Since the New Zealand gambling industry is strictly regulated, all your transactions are verified. 

Kiwi casino players are required to provide utility bill and photo identity at the time of registration. Only when all the facts and figures presented by you are verified, players are allowed to unlock features.

How can kiwi casino players make deposits using their Neteller account?

As a kiwi casino player, you can make casino deposits. It is easy and safe. When you already have a Neteller account, it becomes easier to make the deposits. You need to enter your financial details.

After you have entered your details, it is verified by the Neteller team. You can then choose the setting and the amount you want to transfer. The amount is transferred instantly. 

How to withdraw your gambling funds using your Neteller account?

Unlike some banking payment methods in New Zealand, you can make withdrawals. It is a simple process and takes less than a minute to complete and progress. 

The kiwi online casino player has to request for the amount, which is then withdrawn from the casino account of the kiwi gambler. Funds are then transferred to the account of Neteller. 

As a gambler, you will want to know that, you can either leave the money in your Neteller account or get it transferred to your bank account. 

If you have a debit card for Neteller, then you can make use of that too and withdraw from the account.

Service fees for New Zealand casino players when using Neteller

New Zealand casino players need to be aware of the service fees when making transactions using Neteller. Though, it is a nominal amount, knowing these minor details can spare you the blushes later on. 

The actual source of the transfer usually decides the processing fee. If you are using a particular credit card, then the price ranges between 2% and 5%. At the same time, funds can be transferred to online casinos free of cost. 

Kiwi players need to know that a small fee is charged for making withdrawals using member wire, bank drafts, and cheque. 

Reasons to use Neteller for kiwi gamblers.

There are many reasons to use Neteller for kiwi gamblers. 

  • The main benefit of using this banking payment mode is that it is easy to use. All you need to do is have an account. You can instantly make deposits and transfers. 
  • The Neteller bank account for kiwis is safe and good. Your details are not revealed to others. The account holder can make changes or modifications if they want. 
  • As a player, you find out that this payment method comes with several options to make money transfers. Since New Zealand online casino players can view their accounts anytime they want, they can refer to the transaction history. 
  • Not to mention, this payment method is accepted in top online casinos in New Zealand. That is an additional advantage for kiwi gamblers because their chances of winning huge rewards are excellent. 
  • They take customer privacy very seriously. As a kiwi gambler, if you have not used your account for some time or you have a lot of winnings, then you can find your account disabled or closed. 

Neteller FAQs

  • Is online gambling in New Zealand legal using Neteller?

Gambling both in casino malls and online is legal in New Zealand. Players should be 18 years to place bets online and 21 years of age to enter casino malls. So, there is no need to worry or be concerned about it. 

You can use the banking method to make payments, Neteller when placing bets on online casinos. Kiwi gamblers can also play on licensed offshore online casino websites. 

  • Is Neteller safe for online gambling in New Zealand?

Gamblers who wish to place bets using Neteller can do so. We have reviewed, and based on our research, it is reliable, and your details are safe with it. 

  • What is the processing time for Neteller withdrawals by NZ gamblers?

Neteller withdrawals get approved by an internal review team. This process takes a few days because they want to make sure that it is indeed the gambler and not an impersonator. 

However, when your withdrawal is approved, it takes a few hours to reach your account. 

  • How much can Kiwi gambler withdraw using Neteller?

As kiwi gambler can withdraw a minimum amount, that is equivalent to 10 USD. Likewise, players can withdraw a maximum amount that is equivalent to 50000 USD.

Depending on your needs and preferences, you can make a withdrawal. It is best to withdraw the total winnings and then place it again on the online casino; you wish to place bets. 

  • Can kiwi gamblers modify personal information on their Neteller account?

Yes, you can modify your personal information, if you want. You can do that by logging on to the website and use the ‘settings’ option. With the help of the ‘edit button,’ you can modify the information that you like. 

If you are still finding it difficult to process it, then you need to communicate your queries with the customer support, and they will sort it out for you.

  • What to do if your New Zealand Neteller online casino account is closed?

These things happen sometimes. If you left your New Zealand Neteller account inactive for some time, then they disable or close it for security reasons. That is a great step they have taken. 

Kiwi casino players can contact them on social media as well as their phone number, +44 20 3308 9525. 

Neteller banking payment method is fast and safe for Kiwi gamblers. It also aids your overspending nature. That is because you can make deposits only if you charge your e-wallet.