Paysafecard – Make Your Online Casino Payments Easily 

PaySafeCard is part of Skrill and a globally renowned method to make payments and deposits on online casinos. It is safe and provides you with ample anonymity. 

New Zealand online casino players can make use of it for their financial transactions. It is quite similar to Skrill payments because you do not need to use bank details or credit card data. 

This way, you can control your deposits and privacy. 

How to use PaySafeCard? 

You can use your PaySafe card to make online casino payments in New Zealand very easily. In New Zealand, you can acquire the PaySafe Card using different kinds of denominations. Some of them include $10, $50, $20, and $100. 

Depending on your payment amount, you can purchase them easily. These cards can be purchased from outlets located near your locality. You can also combine them depending on your preference. 

For example, you can buy 2 ten’s, 4 20’s, and likewise. It is completely safe and anonymous. The transaction is completed in one-go. However, you cannot make withdrawals using it. 

How can you buy a PaySafeCard?

As a New Zealand online casino player, you can the nearest location to find the PaySafeCard online. All you need to do is log on to the homepage,

On the site, you need to click on the sales outlet finder. 

This way, you can easily find out where it is sold near you. These cards are sold generally at mobile shops, convenience stores, and by newsagents. 

Since the dealer need not use or record your credit card number, it provides you with complete anonymity. It is something that a casino player will relate to. 

Using PaySafe Card to deposit into your online casino account

New Zealand online casino players can make use of the PaySafeCard to make deposits. It is quite easy and quick to perform. The deposit process may vary on different websites. However, the procedure is mostly the same. 

First, you need to use the banking tab. Then select the deposit option. Once you have done that, you need to enter the deposit amount. 

Click on the next option, and then choose the PaySafeCard. Enter your 16 digit number or PIN, and then click on done. You are ready to get going on your favorite casino games in New Zealand. 

PaySafe Card bonuses

Apart from the many benefits that come with using PaySafe Card is that you can get quality for massive bonuses. 

Professional casino players know that PaySafe Card is used and accepted in many countries for bonuses. Since it is anonymous and safe, you can make use of the lesser fees charged. 

This online payment method provides you with ample privacy; your online transactions are safe and anonymous. 

Not to mention, your bank details are not stored on the server, so nothing is out there for hackers to ascend on.

Names of casinos which accept the PaySafeCard

Many online casinos accept the PaySafe card payment. You do not have to pay any fee when purchasing a voucher. Not to mention, you can use also use the payment mode for shopping online. 

There is a nominal fee charged like a maintenance fee of €3/month after the 1st year of use. A maximum of €250 can be made in a single payment. Please keep in mind, €5 is charged for inactive use, for one year. 

There is also an FX fee when you have to convert your winnings from foreign currencies. 

What are a few additional features of this payment mode?

The payment mode comes with several additional features like there is an online app, which you can use to keep track of your payments. It also comes with a currency calculator that helps you make payments in other currencies. 

The balance checker and sales outlet finder are available on the app. Some of the casinos that accept PaySafeCard include Casino, LeoVegas, Cosmo Casino, Dunder, Betway, Zodiac Casino, and PartyCasino. 

Can you withdraw money using the PaySafeCard?

Like you read in the above passages, you cannot make withdrawals using this Card. Then why use it, you may ask? When the money is deposited, it won’t be refunded under the circumstances. 

There are many ways, using which, you can make withdrawals. As a gambler in New Zealand, you can receive your winnings through the bank wire or visa for beginners. 

For high stake gamblers, you can make use of PayPal or Neteller. You will also want to make use of the app that is available for PaySafeCard. The app is available both for Android and Apple devices. 

Is Pay Card safe? 

Many users have put up this question, out of concern. Well, the payment mode is safe because you are dealing with a card and not cash. That means you do not have to deal with banks or fill up forms and likewise.

If at all, you see something malicious or suspicious, then you can request to lock your account. Not to mention, you must only ensure that your PIN is safe and secure. When purchasing the Card, do it from shops or retailers who are authorized to do so. 

What is the best online casino to use the Pay Safe card?

Since you have decided to make use of the Pay Safe card, you might want to use it on LeoVegas. According to data available, the casino offers you a wide range of benefits using this payment system. 


You can rest assured that your money is safe using PaySafeCard. The privacy protection, simplicity, and security are one of a kind. Since you do not have to divulge your details, you can keep them as private as required. 

You can also get cards quickly in New Zealand because they are sold in different outlets throughout the country. 

Not to mention, they come in many denominations, and you can carry over the remaining credits. 

Of course, you will want to know that you cannot receive winnings using  PaySafeCard. This is something that you need to consider.