Online casinos have opened up a plethora of options when it comes to entertainment, fun, as well as trying your luck at winning the jackpot. However, if there is one game that steals the show, online pokies certainly makes it to the top of the list.

How we choose pokies casino in New Zealand?

For those who are new to the genre and not sure about the game, online pokies are the online version of the slots game we all have come across at any casino in New Zealand. But, what sets them apart from the physical version and makes it even more exciting is the extremely high chance of winning a reward.

Choosing the right pokies casino is king of like finding the right partner. Not every game is meant for you. And, there are enough games to keep you engaged for hours on the go. So, all you got to do is go through the rules and check out the paylines, find the number of slots, and then settle with the game that seems most promising. However, if you find a game not suiting you, move on to the next one, or check out the next casino. Find the game that is perfect depending on your budget and betting style, and stick with it till the end. The bonus credits will come in handy while selecting the right pokies casino.

Top Online Pokies NZ

There are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to Online Pokies NZ. Check out the paylines, the number of slots, the types of games available, the available bets and the number of slots that you will get with each bet, and find the one that you like the most as per your budget and gaming style. Online pokies are plenty to choose from and you have the entire menu to feast upon. Find out all about the game and how you can win it big!

Understanding paylines, symbols, and features of online pokies

The objective of the online pokies game is extremely simple. The player will have to get some specific combination of specific symbols to win various prizes. As already mentioned, these combinations can be of many types. These specific arrangements of the symbols are known as paylines. The modern-day online pokies games can have as many as 243 paylines.

It is important for new players to know the various symbols they will encounter. While the game is easy, knowing these will allow the person to know how much is the win. The symbols can be categorized into the following categories –

  • Scatter symbol – This one is considered to be the highest paying symbols, because, they simply need to appear and the player will get bonus rounds, free spins, or rewards.
  • Wild symbol – Just like wildcards, this one can substitute any symbol, and thus is termed as the highest ranking symbol.
  • Bonus symbols – These make the online pokie extremely fun to play as they unlock bonus rounds and free spins. There can be other storylines hidden within these rounds.
  • Multiplier symbol – The name itself is pretty self-explanatory. The symbol increases the win by the number of times it features, and that can be as high as 100 or even 1000 times.

The online pokies game has quite a few special features as well.

  • Free spins – The name suggests it all. It allows the player to spin without paying for the spin.
  • Hold – This feature is extremely helpful if you wish to keep some symbol sets in the game in the next round as well. It will freeze one of the reels as the other reels roll, thus allowing you to stack up more winning symbols from the payline.
  • Autoplay – This is kind of like the lazy option and the machine keeps rolling the machine over and over again, while displaying the result one after another. It isn’t much of a winning strategy though.

Types of Online Pokies

Now that you have the basic knowledge about the symbols, paylines, and features, let’s check out the various types of online pokies available.

  • 3 Reel Slots – The simplest type of all available online pokies is the 3 reel slots. This classic one is a throwback to how pokies used to be during its inception. The 3 reel slots online pokie has anywhere between one and five paylines. The most common one is the one diagonally at the center of the 9 cell arrangement that is, starting from the second one down the first column to the second one down the third column. Other paylines can be the top row, the bottom row, and the two diagonals from one corner to the other.
  • 5 Reel Slots – This is the one with high winning factors. The number of paylines can be pretty high, and thus the probability of winning increases rapidly. However, often the number of winning paylines is depending on the bet. The higher the bet, the more number of paylines open.
  • Progressive Slots – This is a state of the art addition to the rich collection of online pokies. However, progressive slots allow the jackpot to be accumulated simultaneously. The best part about progressive slots is that the jackpot keeps growing. The process is pretty simple. There are quite a few 5 reel slots in different casinos and connected to each other. Every time there is a losing bet, a part of the amount lost is added to the jackpot. Thus, the jackpot keeps growing. The maximum jackpot can be won only when the bet is maximum, unlocking the maximum number of paylines.
  • 7 Reel Slots – The rarest of all is the 7 reel pokies. The 7 reel slots allow the formation of crazy number of paylines. Thus, the number of winning options increases rapidly. However, they are not as popular in the online pokies landscape.

Casino Slots from best Casino Software Developers

There are plenty of variations when it comes to online pokies. However, if you look closely, there are few developers who are behind most of these games. The two major names ruling the online pokies New Zealand market are:

  • NetEnt – The developer company by the name Net Entertainment is among the oldest and most trusted ones when it comes to casino software development. Being associated with numerous casinos since 1996, they have an arsenal of all sorts of games, including Blackjack, Video Poker, Roulette, and more.
  • Playtech – A name that came into the limelight more recently, Playtech is well known for its Marvel Characters infused games. They have some of the fines and most attractive online casino games there is in the market, all thanks to their novel approach at making the game even sexier. They don’t use random characters though. The games are well thought out and use comics and movies from the Marvel Universe.

Why should you even consider checking the casino software developer name? That remains the big question. Well, the answer isn’t that difficult. You do it to make sure that you invest in a game that is going to be fun. While there are plenty of developers out there, not everyone is worth the penny!

Online Pokies Tournament

Have you been checking out the online pokies New Zealand tournament? Well, it is certainly an exciting option, especially since the winning can go pretty high. If you are serious about the game, you need to have some winning strategy in place. So, what should you do to get lucky in the game?

  • Choose the right stake. It is always best to opt for the highest allowed investment. However, in a tournament, you will be given some credits. So, you will have to invest them wisely. The higher the bet, the more the chances because of more number of paylines.
  • Choose the right game. This isn’t always an option in a tournament. However, if you are simply playing online pokie, choose the game that has highest Return To Player Percentage (RTP).
  • Remember to split your winnings. Once you start winning, do not bet the entire win again. Split and keep some part separate so that you do not lose it all.

Online Pokies Bonuses

Online pokie has truly revolutionized the slots game. The online option now allows the casinos to offer their online pokie game to various users from across the globe. So, now you can actually play online pokies New Zealand while being in a different country altogether. Just remember to check your laws and make sure that your country allows you to play the game.

If you check out the online pokies New Zealand market, there are plenty of bonuses available as well. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, the bonuses are always welcome since they give you some additional wins without having to invest right away. It is also a great way to try out new places and games and making sure which suits your style of gaming. In the end, it is all about fun and winning!