Pay by Phone Bill – Mobile casinos are the latest trend for casino players but are you sure which is the safest channels to do the financial transactions? Well, we do try our luck in many different things, but a few could offer safety. Here comes the Pay by Phone casinos which give players an instant opportunity to add money to their gaming account in a safe and secure way. It’s quick and seamless as the added funds in the gaming account will be charged on the existing phone bill or from the prepaid balance.

As a casino player, you must know money is the lifeblood of the online casino industry. You can’t just make bets without cash in your account. So, an efficient payment processor is all what you need. But, what about safety? Fortunately, there’s pay-by-phone, a dynamic and pretty impressive system that makes playing at  mobile casinos a breeze. But, in every step, you must be wary about choosing the right platform. Even if you are using pay-by-phone for your casino adventure on mobile, we would recommend using the right platforms.

You must be wondering what’s exactly is pay-by-phone and why people are going gaga over it. Avid gamers already know about this exciting feature, but if you are new to this world, spend a few moments for this read.

Pay By Phone Bill

What is Casino Deposit by Phone Bill?

As already mentioned, Pay by Phone casinos allow players to add funds to their gaming site directly through their prepaid phone balance or adding it to their existing phone bill. It’s pretty simple, and all you need to do is sending out a text message or fill a form to directly add funds to your gaming account without even spilling out any confidential financial information.

Pay-by-Phone Casino Depositing: What it is all about?

The name itself is self-explanatory. Precisely, pay by phone casino depositing is the process of making cash deposits to your gaming account using your phone. You must be wondering whether the deposits you make through Skrill or VISA is pay by phone scheme. Well, it is to some extent, but the actual system entails a deposit method that only needs your mobile phone bill and account to send cash to your gaming account. It does not involve sharing of any sensitive info that might stake your bank account.

At this point, you must be wondering why you would even charge your gaming deposit to your phone bill. Well, the reasons are:

  • It’s by far the safest method
  • It offers seamless and efficient payment processing
  • It allows payment transfer even when you don’t have a credit or debit card at your access

When it comes to online casinos, payment through debit & credit card is quite a common practice. To avoid that, many people often use eWallet, but that also needs your credit or debit card. On the contrary, pay by phone scheme needs nothing but your phone number. It automatically adds the charge to your phone bill.

Betting Basics Using a Phone Bill

Trust us, it’s simple, and there’s nothing slicker than these. Here’s how we do it. Just keep in mind that all it takes is your mobile phone & the casino gaming account with an operator that offers the service.

  1. Use your phone to log in to your casino account and navigate straight to the banking page (or the payment options)
  2. Click on “pay-by-phone” option to select it & hit deposit
  3. Select the pre-defined options or enter the amount of your choice
  4. Tap in your mobile number and click deposit (Many casino sites remember your mobile number following the first entry)
  5. Wait for the confirmation SMS or a four-digit code (to be entered later) to verify your transaction
  6. After the verification, the amount credited in your gaming account will be charged to your phone bills.

2020’s Top-Rated Pay by Phone Mobile Networks

Four big names in this space are:

  • Vodafone
  • O2
  • Three
  • EE

Drawbacks of Mobile Casino Deposits by Phone Bill

Casino deposits by phone bill is indeed a fantastic option, considering the safety and the simplicity it offers. But, like all other payment modes, this one has its cons too and include the following:

  • Limited Withdrawal Opportunity: Most of the pay by phone modes restrict the withdrawal option, thus limiting your chance to withdraw winnings
  • Limited deposits: Pay by phone depositing is primarily intended for small transactions, thus making it disappointing for the big players. For the big transactions, credit & debit card transactions are still the best option.
  • A big fat phone bill: No matter how small amount you invest in your gaming account, it keeps on adding, thus making your phone bill fat.

The Final Takeaway

With a repertoire of pros & cons, Pay by phone still arrives for many as the safest option. If you are a novice and new to this world, We would suggest you to go for the pay by phone method.