All about Casino Gaming Software

The casino software that you see today is massively updated than the ones that initially were used at the start of this century. They have changed dramatically in a relatively short period and the software that the casino use today provides the user with great online casino experience. Hence they are a testament to the evolution of casino software.

Due to the sophistication of casino software, the graphics and the animation have improved, and the game feels much more immersive. Even the sound effects and background music are high tech and contribute to the gaming experience. The software is very user-friendly with improved functionality and additional features. Hence, a user doesn’t need to fully understand the basis of the casino software to enjoy the online casino.

Casino Software Basics:

There are different types of casino software which are developed by software providers, and they all have a distinguished style to their software. However, the most important thing about online casino software is how they ensure the games are fair. Many players over the years have deemed specify games as rigged in the casino’s favor in some way or the other.

But most of these accuses are baseless as the casino represent the house, and they always have the advantage. Hence they don’t need to cheat. Another thing which should be noted is that the majority of the casino doesn’t develop their own casino software and use third-party software. So a similar version of the software is used in a variety of casinos around the world.

Hence you will find the same game at several different online casinos.  This means players have a lot of option while choosing casinos as their favorite games are not limited to a single casino. Our site can also help you select your preferred casino.

Best Online Casino Software Providers:

the best online casino software providers

Some of the major casino software providers are MicroGaming, PlayTech, NetEnt, etc. They control a large percent of the online software market, and we have reviewed all of them on our website.

MicroGaming – It is one of the oldest players in the game with over 20 years of experience. Their casino software is either Instant play or download to play with over 850+ games. MicroGaming casinos accepts all traditional and modern payment method. They are also one of the founding members of eCOGRA.

Nektan CasinosNetkan Casino is one of the latest and the most popular casino game providers out there. Having started in the year 2011 they have grown leaps and bounds to establish themselves as the leader in the gambling industry.

PlayTech – It is only a few casinos listed in “London Stock Exchange” in 2006. They have a very active marketing strategy as they acquire smaller companies very actively. They have a modesty gaming library of 600+ games. They online casino can be found in 17 countries around the world.

NetEnt – They are also one of the old players with over 60 online operators. They are known to have some of the most addictive game in the industry. Their mobile games are also trendy using technology like virtual reality (VR) and 3D sound.

Evolution Gaming – Evolution is quite young in the casino business, however they have revolutionized the industry. They are the only Elite casino software provider which has mastered the art of online live gaming. Their user playing experience is unmatchable seeing they feature like multiple games online.

Amaya – This Canadian based casino software provider surprised everyone in 2015 when they became the world’s largest openly traded online casino company. They are known to create quality over quantity as each of their game has higher RTP and player satisfaction.

Different Types of Casino Software:

Casino software can be broadly classified into three divisions. They are downloadable, instant play, and mobile. Most games are available in all three divisions, meaning a user can play them using different devices.

  •    Mobile Apps – This is similar to instant play, it’s just it is only available for the mobile device and can be played using the casino app.
  •    Downloadable Software – This is the most common software and is only compatible with the computer that has windows as their operating system. You just need to download it, install on your computer. Log in and start playing from a wide range of games.
  •    Instant Play Software – This is the type of software that is trending at the moment. It enables the user the play casino game using a web browser with downloading anything. All the user need is Adobe Flash player which is pre-installed in many devices.

Note: There aren’t any significant changes in games across the format. User experiences a similar feeling while playing on any device due to casino software advancement.