Slots games are one of the most popular casino games for gambling lovers. Majority of online casinos boast multiple slot games to entertain and attract players. Seeing its popularity amongst masses, frequently new slots are also launched by game providers to enhance your gaming experience. In fact, these games keep evolving with the advancement in technology. The crucial part of any online slot game is its Return To Player or RTP. 

You must have already heard this term. Also known as Return To Player Percentage, this is a standard technique that helps gamblers understand the value of a particular online reel game. If you’re new to the online casino world, you might be wondering what this fuss about RTP is? 

Let’s have a detailed insight.

Highest RTP Slots

The highest RTP Slots are obviously the prefered choice for any gambler. With the higher RTP, you can anticipate getting overtime on average and lose less. 

Thus, players choose the online slots games with the highest RTP rates over lower RTP slots to earn more money. Are you looking forward to spinning the wheel? Below are the highest RTP slots in the digital casino industry.

  • MegaJoker

Get ready to spin a wheel on this 99% RTP slot game called MegaJoker. This easy to play fruit-themed slot by famous NetEnt offers several frequently appearing winning symbols. Also, it features a progressive jackpot that attracts many players.

  • Dr Jekyll Goes Wild

Developed by Barcrest, Dr Jekyll Goes Wild boasts an RTP of 98.2%. You can also unlock various other features during the game, such as free spins.

  • Blood Suckers

Blood Suckers is one more slot macine game by NetEnt developer, famous for offering a high RTP rate of 98%. This vampire-themed slot will reward you with free spins, scatter pays, triple payouts, and wild substitutions. 

  • Kings of Chicago

Another on our list of high RTP slots is Kings of Chicago with 97.8% RTP. It is a combination of the classic poker and video slot. You can get the chance to earn about 30 free deals while reeling this game.

  • Big Bad Wolf

Big Bad Wolf Slot by Quickspin has an RTP of 97.4%. This slot game is one of the best choices with high winning possibilities. The excellent multipliers, along with the extremely impressive jackpot, make it worth playing.

What Does RTP Stand for?

RTP plays a significant role for players while deciding what slot games to play online. RTP stands for the Return to Player of a specific slot game. 

It shows how much money a gambler can expect to get back after placing the bet. The RTPs of slot games depend on the Random Number Generators, but their in-game mechanics vary.

RTP refers to the average percentage of the wagered amount that you can receive in the long run. Thus, you will get a general idea of your investment with the help of Return To Player percentage. 

For instance, a 98% RTP of the slot game allows you to put multiple wagers of £100 on that reel. Ultimately, you can receive £98 of your money back. The casino takes the remainder of £2 amount from the £100 you wagered. 

However, it does not account for volatility and the feasibility of huge wins initially. The RTP percentage of a slot is estimated over numerous game rounds. 

RTP Mobile

For those who want to enjoy spinning the reels while on the go can choose the mobile slot games. RTP for mobile slot game functions on a similar strategy like any other desktop slot game. You will even find famous desktop reel games available in the mobile versions.

First, check out the RTP of mobile slot games and play only those games that possess higher RTP. Furthermore, make sure to check they have sleek UI to have a pleasant gaming experience on your phone. 

Here are three high RTP mobile slots you can try your luck on:

  • Monopoly Big Event: 99.00%
  • BöB: The Epic Viking Quest – 98.00% 
  • Starmania – 97.87%