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100 to 1 Roulette

100 to 1 Roulette: Does the Unique Concept Hold Out?

If you are getting bored with the roulette games with 36 pockets, then 100/1 game is an ideal change? You can place bets on 100 pockets. Your chances of winning and making some money are good. 

It is a simple game, with more straightforward rules and excellent features. 

In our review, we have provided you with crucial details about this game, like features, rules, design, and bet limits. 

Features and bet limits of 100/1 roulette

100/1 roulette has some exciting features and bets limits that we will discuss briefly. This game comes with a unique concept. The payouts and bets are different from the usual roulette games due to 100 pockets. 

With 100 pockets to place bets, you chance to win is good. The payout rates are also affected. You can begin your session by placing a £1 bet. That is the minimum bet you should place. Be amazed to know that you stand to win £100,000 with a single spin. 

The interface and features are decent. The sound effects do not affect your gaming sessions. However, once you place your bets, you can’t see the wheel spinning. Playing over the same stakes often can make your gambling session tedious and tiring. 

You are provided with an option called “repeat bet.” When you click on it, the bets you placed on the earlier game are activated. There is also an option, where you can remove all bets in one go with the help of the “clear all bets.” 

Clicking on “bet,” you start a new game, and to spin the wheel faster, you need to click on “turbo mode.” The bet limits are ideal for low stake and high stake players. The RTP of the game stands at 96,19%. 

It is considered a medium level for a game of this level. The minimum bets are £0.10, and the maximum bets you can place is £100. 

Why play the demo version?

The best way to learn how to play 100/1 roulette would be the demo version. You can experience gaming, fun, and excitement without the risks. You want gambling to be fun and enthralling. 

However, when you do not find the game thrilling or exciting, then you do not want to shell out your hard-earned money. It does also mean that you will not be making any money. 

Should you bet real money at 100/1? 

It depends on the kind of gambling you prefer. 100/1 roulette may not be everybody’s cup of That is because it is quite different from the usual online casino games. Players have found that the game can get monotonous during long sessions. 

However, if you like unexpected surprises, then unlikely wins can taste sweet here. The payouts and jackpots are huge. But, the odds of winning have to align with your gameplay. The interface is simple, and the design is superb. 

Do not overthink; you need to play the game. You never know if you can lay your hands on the £100,000 jackpot. To have some adventure and thrill in your life, then 100/1 roulette must be a definite choice.