Would you believe if we say that roulette has its roots steeped in history? Walk back 200 years and you will find its reference. Over the years ,the pattern of the game has changed a lot, yet the essence remains the same till today. Be it in a land casino or online ones, European Roulette is quite a preferable choice between the online roulette and the land roulette. Why? It offers you the higher winning potential than many other roulette variations.

An effortlessly simple gaming stuff, you need to place the bets, before the wheel starts spinning. The bets will be placed based on any particular number of color, as per your wish. And, once the wheel spins get ready for a plethora of possible outcomes.

European Roulette Table

Free European roulette – Is it Worth Your Time?

Well, this is a pretty tricky question . And, online European Roulette is mostly about strategies. They can make or break it. Hence, it’s crucial to understand the spins first of all, so that none of your spins go useless. However, the best part is European roulette can give you the promise of high winning potential.

Considering from the perspective of whether it is worth playing or not, we can say that there’s a plethora of free roulette available online, But, you do not know how many of them will offer you earning potential. On the other hand, European roulette will definitely give you the guarantee of some good earnings even if it’s played online.

We believe, it definitely deserves your time. While the other online gambling options do not offer you the promise of earnings, this one surely does. What else would you want apart from fun and money from being at online casinos?

European roulette wheel – The Basics

When it comes to the basics of online casinos, we would say that there’s nothing much to explore about it. As already mentioned, the numbers are recognized with various color options.

For the natives of online casinos, European Roulette is no less than a breeze. A pretty easy stuff, t comes with 37 pockets, each with a different number. For easy & effortless identification, each number is defined with a particular color, either red or black. And, there’s only one green pocket with 0 number. For a winning the bet, you have to placed bets on 0 and 1 to 36.

How to play European roulette online

Here’s how you can go about playing European Roulette online.

a. Login to an online casino: Become a member of online casino recommended by us and subscribe as a member. This way you will gain access to unlimited European roulette games. Make sure you are logged in with a reputed sites that publish your earning percentage online.

b. Select your chip: With online casinos where you are playing free, there are chips to help you get started. Select your chips wisely. You can even start playing with real money account, but in the beginning we would suggest you to go with free spins as you are still in the learning phase. Playing free would let you learn things even more clearly without spending your money.

c. Placing the bet – After your chips are chosen, simply scroll your mouse over a betting field as per your choice of table. The field where you place the mouse will get highlighted and right then the equivalent payouts will be shown. Accordingly, place your bet by clicking on it.

d. Spin the wheel – And here comes the last step which is spinning the wheels. Once the bets are placed , click on ‘SPIN’ for spinning the wheel. Wait until the wheel is stopped and if the metal ball stops on the sections that you have already chosen, you are the winner!

Yes, it’s that easy and a game of sheer luck.

American Roulette to European Roulette

While both are quite similar in terms of playing, there’s a few subtle differences that makes one different from the other. Let’s have a look at these.

  • There’s an extra 0 in American roulette and hence it has an additional pocket (the double green zero). However, the payout in all the numbers are quite close to each other and sometimes same.
  • While the odds of European wheel lies in 1 to 37, for American wheel it is from 1 to 38 ( as the latter have an additional pocket)
  • In both the wheels, players get 35-1 for winning, but the incidence of winning is less in American wheel.

So, what are you waiting for? European roulette can be a big time entertainer, if you can be a little strategic about it. Want to give your luck a quick try?