Play Free Roulette Game for Fun At the Comfort of Your Home

Though roulette is one of the most popular and oldest of all the casino games, the recent trends of online roulette is once again making it the king of casino games. Over these years, in spite of the arrival of a plethora of online  casino games, roulette has never lost its charm. What keeps players like us glued to it for so many years is its gripping twists and turns that can make or break the fortune in no time. Let’s find out how roulette today looks like.

Free Roulette

Playing Free Roulette – The emerging trend

Well that’s the real catch of roulette these days, we believe. Roulette has come off way forward from the four walls of casino to the web. Playing free roulette nowadays is a trend and gives everyone a chance to taste the exciting flavour of casino games. No wonder, everyone has always loved online roulette due to its simple rules. But , it’s a high adrenaline game that every gambler loves playing.

Unlike the other prototypes of casino games, roulette is always a class above. First of all, it offers the crazy players like us various opportunities to play and win. While in other games a single unfortunate outcome determines the loss, online roulette offers players a lot of avenues to bet and win. It’s definitely not like the slow paced card games and hence generates so much excitement.

Well, if you are one like us who loves to try and test their luck every moment, playing free roulette online is a must try.

The Sum of Luck & Intelligence is Free Roulette

Roulette is simple indeed but like all other casino games betting online needs sheer intelligence. The luck factor is certainly there but clever betting definitely pays off. At least, our years of experience in the roulette says so. Probability factors work a lot but as already mentioned, free roulette online offers a plethora of bets which calls for an intelligent game.

While roulette has its own play rules, different casinos have also imposed their own regulations also. So is true for online casinos as well. While some offer jackpot games with loads of cash prizes, the others offer additional bets or so. To be a pro, you have to be wary about the twists and turns. Playing on a regular basis works for us a lot. However, there’s always a maximum and minimum betting options, but unless you use the wit, you might end up acquiring zero prizes.

All in all, it’s a fast paced game that involves umpteen options to bet and sheer thrill and excitement.

Play Roulette for Fun: The Easy Steps

So, excited about playing roulette? Here’s we are sharing some secrets to stand successful in every bet you play.

Know your wheel

The wheel is the backbone of online roulette and it has 38 pockets. First 36 pockets ranging from 0 to 36 are red and black. And the next two marked with 0 and 00 respectively are green. But, in the European version, there’s only 37 numbers. There’s no double zero in this version. The interesting part is none of the numbers are in sequence.

But, when you are playing online, the actual wheel remain stationary and the spinning will only start after the bets are locked in.

But, before that get to know how betting board works.

The Betting Board

This is where the bets will be placed and before that review the board properly. The numbers of the wheel are replicated in the board as well. But in the boards, numbers are organised in a consecutive order and separated in three columns. When you bet, simply drop the chips directly on the numbers of the board.

But, don’t bet only on one number. To get your chance of success enhanced drop your chips in three separate columns on different numbers. We would suggest to bet for either black or reds simultaneously, or the odds & even numbers .

Playing roulette for real money, however needs an initial cash deposit. And, it’s as simple as normal spinning & winning. If you are planning to put your newly acquired skills to use, check out the free roulette online games offered at many online casinos and you will enjoy betting without even spending a single dime.

The Winning Strategy: Practice Roulette Regularly

When it comes to winning strategies, there are plenty and mastering everything can give you a pace above the peers. Let’s take a look at the leading strategies. Keep i mind that the secret of mastering the skills lies in practicing roulette on a regular basis.

  • The Labouchere online roulette strategy
  • The D’Alembert online roulette strategy
  • The Fibonacci online roulette strategy

So, are you ready to play free roulette online? Wait no more. Sign up now with the casino sites online and plunge into the world of real money & excitement.