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Is Online Roulette Rigged

Roulette has been a famous casino game among gamblers ever since its launch in the 18th century in France. The ball spinning around the wheel is the highlight of the land casino clubs. However, the roulette wheel’s entire animation is only for the sake of entertainment on all the gambling websites. 

There is no physics associated with online roulette as you see on a real casino table in a land based casino. Thus, certain online betters always doubt that something is rigged in roulette gaming online. They mostly take the game with a pinch of salt when the results they get are not in their favour. Well, let’s clear out the claim made by some people that a web-based roulette wheel is rigged!

Is Online Roulette Fixed?

Is Online Roulette Purely Fixed?

When anybody says that the roulette game is rigged, this fact has actually a huge twist. This whole game is based on the RNGs and electronic systems when played online instead of the physics of a real table.

Every reliable web-based roulette includes software that utilises a Random Number Generator (RNG) to dish out the ball number that will land on it after a player presses the spin button. This software is designed in a way that it randomly decides the landing location of the ball the moment you press the spin button.

What makes the game fair is that the result will never depend on where you have bet your chips even if the ball already has a fixed position to land on. For instance, if your bet is on the colour “black”, the software will never switch the ball’s landing position on the red one to deceive you for the casino’s profit.

In simple terms, your spin always has a total random final result just as you play in any offline casino. One difference that exists is that exactly after hitting the spin, the ball does not know where it’ll land on roulette. Hence, the outcome is totally random that means you are having a safe bet.

Factors to Consider to Gauge the Authenticity of Online Roulette

  • Check Licensing

When searching for an online roulette to play a game or two, we recommend you to check if you are signing up with a licensed online casino operator. Official third-party organisations like eCOGRA, GLI, or TST audit the online casino sites. As a result, tampering with the code of RNG would be pretty tough to conceal and would be tremendously risky for the stakeholders. These licensing authorities exist to safeguard players along with an assurance of fair gaming and pay winnings at an approved pay-out percentage. 

In this way, you can enjoy roulette online to the fullest and with confidence that they can have odds to hit the lucky roulette number as others on the reel.

  • House Edge

The house edge is a rate of advantage that the casino portals have for every game over the player. In simple words, it means that the roulette odds are always slightly in favour of the house. Still, you can’t call it rigged. Why?

Obviously, like any other businesses, online casinos also need to make a profit. It helps them to operate successfully and to keep offering you quality betting games. 

  • Play on Live Casino

If you are still unsure, go for live casino games streamed live to mobile or computer from various camera angles. Get on land casinos feel with live casinos. You play these games manually that work without RNGs. Eventually, you rely on luck. The results could be just as unpredictable, but it is peace of mind for those who suspect the computerised process.

To Summarize

Yes, rogue online casinos do exist that means you may encounter a rigged roulette game too. However, it is pretty easy to spot them. All you have to do is go for a licensed casino that is purely legit. Ultimately, you won’t lose your money and maybe be fortunate enough to win as well.

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