Racetrack Roulette

Racetrack Roulette
Racetrack Roulette

Racetrack Roulette – How to Play Racetrack Roulette?

Racetrack roulette is a very unique form of the game. Unlike what you think, the rules are pretty much the same as that of the European version. You can find 1 to 36 numbers of the wheel and one zero pockets. 

What is so special about racetrack roulette?

Perhaps, the only thing that is different about this game is the design to place your bets or wagering. Remember, it is the same roulette wheel, and all you need to do is, place your bets. Now do not be surprised if you come across several French names in this game. 

That is because this was often played in France and became extremely popular there. For example, you have the La Portage rule, which provides you with 50% of your bets once the ball lands on zero. 

Not to mention, there is also something called as neighbor bets, where you can take advantage of cover numbers next to the other player on the roulette wheel. Like, you play roulette, you have to place the bets beforehand itself. 

We will try and help you understand this, not to a complicated form of roulette. 

What is the racetrack?

The reason it is known as the racetrack is the similarity to the shape of an F1 racing circuit. You place your bets on the racetrack. For first time players, the racetrack might seem like a maze. However, as you play along, you will get used to the rhythm. 

What bets can be placed using the racetrack?

Below are some of the most common bets that can be placed on the racetrack. 

  • Orphelins
  • Neighbours
  • Voisins du Zero 
  • Tiers du Cylindre

How to place a bet on the racetrack?

There are two ways that you place your bets on the racetrack. The first is when you are playing live in a casino mall. Place the chips on the sections on the table. The sections are the betting areas when you are wagering, just like you do in roulette. 

The second method is when you are playing online on your PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. The software that is present on the online casino game provides you with the actual scenario. You have to make the call during your wagering in the betting area. 

Your device then uses the chip that you placed for betting as the base for your placement henceforth. 

Why to play racetrack roulette demo?

On the whole, the casino game might look difficult initially. We encourage you to go ahead and try the game first on demo. Once you are confident about placing the bets in racetrack roulette, you can do so. 

Some players have felt that the game has too many betting rules, and they get lost in the haze. Well, which game does not have rules? It is all about practice and playing the game for some fun and excitement. 

In summary 

Though, you can always play this game from the comfort of your home, play it in a casino mall. That is because playing it live in front of onlookers and other players, increases the fun and thrill. 

Not to mention, you may meet a professional who could perhaps give you some valuable tips to win the game next time. Racetrack roulette has made many players richer when they least expected it. 

You never know when your turn is, so what are you waiting for?