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Roulette Rules

Introduction to Roulette Rules

So, you want to play the game of roulette, but you are hesitant to do so because you are not aware of the rules. Well, then hop on, we will teach you everything there is to know about the casino classic.

Through the guide, you will not only know how to play the game but understand the rules, bets, and different kinds of games available in different continents. So, it does not matter whether you plan on playing roulette in the UK, America, Australia, or elsewhere.

To play the game successfully, you need to be familiar with the rules. That helps you plan and strategize before diving in. Remember one thing; you will be using your money when playing. Hence, read the below carefully, from beginning to end.

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What is the roulette game all about?

The roulette game has table and wheel. The aim is the same. You have to guess where the ball can fall on the rolling wheel. This sounds exciting, right. The layout comes with numbers from 0 to 36.

American roulette, you will find an extra number 00. There are sections on the wheel that are numbered known as pockets. The range of 1 to 10, 0 is colored green. The range from 19 to 28 comes with odd numbers colored red.

The even numbers are black colored. From ranges 11 to 18 and 29 to 36 the even numbers are colored red, and the odd numbers are colored black. You have different kinds of bets and rules based on them.

Once you place the bet, then only the wheel is spun. The ball goes to the other direction. Depending on the type of bet you have placed, you win or lose. Hence the strategy is crucial for your winning or losing.

What are the critical roulette table rules?

The whole idea of winning on this game is through placing bets. The standard betting is black, red, odd, even, and others. Sets of chips are placed on the table in a numerical position. You can find 3 numbers for outside bets.

In the case of inside betting, players place the chips on the grid. You would want to prefer placing inside bets because the winnings are higher when compared to outside bets. On the other hand, outside bets are placed, and you win only once the wheel has stopped.

The game comes with 11 kinds of bets. Each of the bets comes with their own payout and odds. You are given 60 seconds to put your wagers.

Some of the bets include column bet, high and low number, and the like.

Some of the crucial roulette game rules

The game comes with several rules that all players should make themselves familiar with. The first is surrender rule. This is an American roulette game rule where the ball lands in 0 and you surrender half of your betting, in the case of the outside bet.

The En Prison rule is a bet placed on money. If the ball lands on 0, then you can get half of your initial wager. Of course, you are taking a risk because unless the ball falls on 0 again, you stand to win everything.

The La Partage rule is similar to that of the earlier one we just read. You cannot leave your bets in prison. These two rules are crucial to because they can either make or break your game winnings.

Any seasoned player will tell you to concentrate your game on these two betting methods because you either perform or perish. Other rules like players must be over 18 years of age and have valid proof to access the online games or play in casino malls.

What are American roulette rules?

To play this form of the game, it is essential that you know and understand the rules. The American roulette is probably one of the most popular games played in terms of players, both offline as well as online.

Americans seem to have accepted the format of the game and find it exciting to play. The wheel on the American roulette has an additional 00 apart from the remaining numbers 0 to 36.

Betting is done based on two categories, namely inside and outside bets. You can place any number of bets. This game is popular among amateur players who find it exciting because the chances of winning are always there.

The numbers too are positioned such that, even a seasoned player will not be able to predict winnings. American and English roulette has a significant difference. In the English roulette, you can play using 0, and not both 0 and 00 like in the American roulette.

The Russian roulette rules

Russian roulette is perhaps one of the unique games you would have ever heard. That is because you are not betting using money. That is right. The game was played in the 17th and 18th century.

Players play the game using the gun and a single bullet. The kind of gun and bullet decided before placing the bets. The muzzle is placed on the head of the player who is about the play. Players sit in a circle and then pass the gun to the next player once the trigger gets pulled.

As scary it sounds, the game is played with many players. The kind of gun to be used in the end is decided at the beginning itself. The players spin the wheel for the gun.

The variation you plan on playing does not matter at the time because you are betting more than money here. So, think well before playing because once it is lost, you may not win it back.

Importance of the roulette wheel numbers

The game of roulette has a star attraction in the form of the wheel. You may have seen the wheel on television. The wheel is numbered 00 to 36. You can also find them in casino malls.

They are large, and some of them are 3 feet in size. The numbers and pockets are colored in both red and black. Only when the dealer has cleared all the bets lost and paid the winning amount, the next spin takes place.

The spinning of the roulette wheel is an exciting sight to watch. When the wheel is spun, the ball starts to spin in the opposite direction, and when it slows, the ball drops in the slots that have been numbered.

If the ball falls in the slots that you have placed your bet, then you win. If the ball lands in number slots that you have not placed a bet, you lose. Players are given a different chip with a different color to identify the numbers they have placed the bet.

The significance of roulette neighbors

This is a common type of betting method in the game. It is called so because it is a 5 number bet, that helps you to cover your best number and neighboring 2 numbers. Few games give you the option of covering more than 8 numbers.

Not all online roulette games have this option. Hence, you would want first to make sure that they have this betting and then go ahead and play. For the eagle-eyed players, they tend to view the pattern carefully and understand the chances of the ball falling in a particular part of the wheel.

The odds of winning your game increases dramatically with the help of this type of betting.

What is the roulette payout?

For each table, there is something known as maximum and minimum stakes. Each time you spin the wheel, the bets placed, should become more than the minimum stake. In some cases, the maximum stakes are limited for a single wager.

In some betting, the maximum stakes increase slightly. The stakes posted near the roulette table. All players will have to go through the stakes and then place bets, before playing when the player can score more than the minimum stake.

In the case of maximum stake, for a straight-up bet, it is fixed. You see, casinos are calculative. They do not want to let go of all the benefits. But, as a player, you too stand to benefit, if you play with an attacking strategy.

In summary

We hope that you enjoyed reading the roulette rules. As you can see, the rules are quite simple and easy to understand. Both experienced and amateurs stand the same chance of winning the game.

Unlike other casino games, you need an excellent strategy to win the game. You can either choose to go with aggressive betting or be content with a small payout. But, the chances of winning the games stand high in that case.

Happy gaming!