Video Roulette

Video Roulette – Take Your Gaming Experience Top Notch

Roulette is a popular gambling game that is played commonly in Europe and the United States of America. Today, thanks to the internet and different forms of gadgets, you can access and play the game on the go. 

If you want to play a game of roulette that can offer you spice and excitement, then you should try out the video roulette designed by Playtech. You do want to make use of the lax European rules that come with a single zero. 

Players have commended the game on its crystal clear features and excellent game design. Not to mention, you also have the La Partage rule that helps you edge closer to more thrills. Read on and come to know why this game is so popular. 

All about the video roulette game

It is worth mentioning here that the designers have done a commendable job in giving players all the thrills that they need when playing roulette. It looks pretty straightforward initially, that is only until the wheel starts to spin. 

Players are given a realistic experience of wheel spins and graphics. This helps you to get deeply engrossed in the game. 

Once you setup your account and make a deposit, you can choose your bets. Most of the sites provide you with tempting bonuses and 100% to the wagering. The rules are simple and easy. 

The rules and its features

The rules of the game are quite simple, actually. It is based on the European format. You also find the rules commonly used in French roulette games like the La Partage rule. There are outside and inside rules. 

You also have the final, call, and neighbor bets. High stake players play the game due to wagering amounts of up to £250 000. Of course, there are also bets of £1. Other features that will impress you are the overview of the results, cold and hot numbers, and the heat map. 

There is also a turbo mode that spares you from the slow and dramatic wheel spin. Finally, you also have repeat bet and double bet buttons that allow you to place bets one after the other, without wasting your time. 

Why should you play the game in practice mode?

Players are encouraged to play the game in practice mode. This way, you not only get to try some of the bets but understand the wagering rules. A professional player will tell you about the importance of getting to know the game before using actual money. 


There is no denying in the fact that this game provides you with the thrills and spills you seek when gambling. Video roulette has taken that up one notch. The low casino feeling and the high betting offer you with ample entertainment. 

To be able to feel the actual excitement, we suggest that you play the game from a reliable online casino. Choose online casinos that provide you with generous welcome bonuses of 200% or more on your first deposit. 

Gambling is all about placing the right bet at the right time.

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