At Preview Casinos (“Preview Casinos“, “we “, “our” “us “), we process the personal data of our site visitors and make sure to handle that data carefully and keep it secure.

How we Collect Visitors’ Data

  1. We collect specific data as per the visitor’s usage of our website. We apply weblogs and tracking pixels/scripts methods to collect usage data. 

Preview Casinos collect the following usage data:

  • Visited pages
  • Time of access
  • IP address
  • Browser type
  • Device type
  • Screen resolution
  • Referring URL 
  • Personal preferences
  1. We will require your email address to mail the content after signing up for our newsletter. This personal information is explicitly obtained after you fill the newsletter sign-up form. Also, every email will have an unsubscribe link so that you can stop getting the newsletters anytime you want. 

During subscription, we will share with you the nature of this activity, such as 

  • Type of content that we would share with the subscriber
  • Validation regarding your details if they will be shared with any third party
  • Confirmation of the unsubscription process

Purpose of Collecting User Data

  • To register you as a new member of the Preview Casinos website.
  • To manage our site and business activities, i.e. data analysis, testing, troubleshooting, system maintenance, reporting, support, and data hosting.
  • To request you to take a survey or give a review.
  • To let you participate in a competition or prize draw.
  • To suggest relevant service and content to you as per your preference.
  • To send promotional emails and offers
  • To improve and target ads that you obtain from us.
  • To notify you about a change of terms or privacy policy.

Cookies Policy

Visitors will also receive cookies to their systems that authorise usage data processing. By using our website, you are complying with the use of cookies. 

With the help of cookies, we analyse user behaviour and usage on our site to provide you with better service. It helps us assess which pages you find useful and don’t in order to improve the overall user experience. 

However, apart from the data you preferred to share with us, rest assured Preview Casinos won’t access any of your personal or computer information via cookies. You can manage cookies from your computer browser to refuse some or all browser cookies.

Categories of Cookies

Preview Casinos utilise cookies for various functions and purposes.

Some categories of cookies are:

  • Technical Necessity – for a technical requirement to improve our website’s performance and functionality
  • Permanent Cookies – valid for a longer period to give you faster access to content whenever you revisit our site.
  • Session Cookies – valid for a specific period, i.e., till you are navigating on our website.
  • Third-party or Provider Cookies – placed and stored by a third-party, website’s operator, or us.
  • Flow cookies – for interaction between our internal servers. 

Third-party Links

Preview Casinos may comprise plug-ins, links to third-party websites, and applications. Clicking on any of those links may allow third parties to gather or share your information. However, we aren’t responsible for third-party websites’ privacy conditions as we do not control them. We suggest reading the privacy terms of third-party sites you visit.

Data Protection

We use the right and appropriate technological methods to protect the personal data of our users. It entails reducing the amount of data, encrypting any stored personal data, and complying with organisational rules that direct how we manage data.

Also, you have the right to correct, access, delete, restrain, or object to the collection of your personal data. You can contact us anytime to place a request of this nature. We will adhere to our internal processes to respond to your request within the proper timeline. Additionally, Preview Casinos will hold copies of communication regarding such requests received from you.